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Q Bio works to support consistent growth for our in-person and remote teams.

See our open positions
See our open positions

Life at Q Bio

Q Bio’s HQ is in sunny San Carlos, CA. You’ll find our people jogging the Stanford Dish Trail during the week, doing trivia night at a nearby brewery after work, or gathering with our families to celebrate a success or holidays over good food (we love good food!)

We commute from all over the Bay Area; by bike, train, car, and roller skate. The coffee is always on, and the basketball hoop and table tennis are all yours (good for thinking through tougher problems).

Our people hail from all over the world, and speak over 15 different languages in addition to English. Our broader team comes from a dizzying array of home countries and cultural backgrounds.

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We’re looking for people who light up to the ideas and beliefs upon which Q Bio was founded:

Tell Us it’s Impossible

At Q Bio, we believe assumptions are made to be broken. We are determined, persistent, and know that rapid iterations of trial and error are part of the game when you are building breakthrough tech.

Grow Together

The journey should be just as inspiring and important as the destination. We love to innovate and learn, and we strive to do better, and grow as a company, and as individuals, every day.

Giant Leaps;
One Step at a Time

Tackling some of the hardest problems in biotech and healthcare simultaneously is not for the faint of heart! With such audacious goals, we keep the big picture in mind and stay nimble as we take on each new challenge.

The Team is Greater than the
Sum of the Parts

We are a multidisciplinary team from a variety of backgrounds, all with the determination to succeed together. We are accountable to each other, committed to collaboration, and seek to inspire one another.

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