What does Diversity and Inclusion look like at Q Bio?

Q Bio in early 2019… we’ve grown since then!

One of our core values here at Q Bio is The Team is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts. It is our specific way of putting company diversity and inclusion at the core of how we want to operate and grow. We believe that our mission — to build the first clinical, whole-body Digital Twin platform that empowers everyone to better understand the most relevant changes in their bodies, so that they can take control of their health, — does not only benefit from, but absolutely requires multiple disciplines, points of views, and experiences to build.

Our employees come from all walks and stages of life. We have people starting their first job here at Q Bio to start-up veterans. We have an active #kidsnpets Slack channel and welcomed 7 new babies to the Q Bio family in this past year alone(!)… and one new fur baby.  We have employees who are the first in their families to receive a college education, others who have come straight from vocational training, and folks with multiple graduate degrees and doctorates. 

Looking at our current company statistics, we’re also proud to have an early diverse team:

  • 41% of our employees are female
  • 25% of our engineering team are female
  • 63% of our employees are first or second generation immigrants
  • 7% of our employees/full-time contractors are international
  • 41% of our employees are non-white / non-Caucasian; we don’t have any employees who are Black, but we have Asian and Latinx representation
  • And while we don’t collect information on gender identity and sexual orientation, we know that there is representation within the company as well

We believe this is the kind of diverse team it takes to build an early company solving hard problems and hard science that will benefit society at large.  As has already been pointed out, bias in health care against women and minorities needs to be solved — from health devices designed without black skin in mind, to dated population health averages and baselines based on predominantly white studies, to AI that is built on top of biased data, to the disproportionate racial impact we have seen with this pandemic. We must and can do better.

While our company value where The Team is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts is not explicitly about diversity, it reflects our take on what diversity and inclusion means at the core of our company. Together with our other values to Grow Together, to embrace our mission and Tell Us It’s Impossible, and taking Giant Leaps, One Step at Time, we want to continue to grow our team to have compassion and respect and to best reflect the type of community we want to see reflected back in the world.