Why I Joined Q Bio: Nelson Page, Engineering Director

As a kid, I loved watching Mr. Wizard and went on to study physics in my undergrad because I was fascinated by the physicists I knew. When I went to grad school, I felt the need to do something more practical, so I moved into biophotonics and conducted disease research. I came into software by way of a close friend who is an excellent engineer and taught me most of my early coding skills and inspired me to learn more about software. I have always had a keen interest in learning, problem-solving, and making things better, and I have found that software allows nearly unlimited room for learning, doing things better and better, and solving problems. 

Even now, whenever I have a day off, I find myself coding. When I’m away from coding, I have the urge to get back into it, and that is how I know that this is the perfect job for me: combining my interest in doing something practical and my enjoyment of software makes Q Bio a perfect fit.

Prior to joining Q Bio, I was an individual contributor in financial software at FactSet Research Systems. I eventually grew into managing the team that was responsible for the client-facing search. I was also an individual contributor at Dynamic Signal where I managed the Data and Backend Infrastructure team and a cross-functional team. And on the side, up until early 2020, my wife and I ran a youth group. 

I joined Q Bio in April of 2020 because I was inspired by the fact that we’re solving a problem that has had an impact on so many people around me. My favorite part of working at Q Bio is that every day, I get to work on something that is truly valuable for others. If we are able to achieve our mission at Q Bio, the impact will be tangible. When there’s a coordinated effort and when people can work together effectively, that’s when they accomplish great things.

The most important part of my job as Engineering Director is aligning our technology and our people so that our work is accomplishing Q Bio’s mission. Whether it’s sharing Q Bio’s vision with outsiders and bringing them into the company, aligning people on technical details, or breaking tasks down into coordinated pieces of work for individual engineers, it’s critical that all of our work is coordinated towards the same goals.